Welcome to the Protestant Parish St Nicholas in Greifswald

The medieval brick church in gothic style dating back to medieval times is a symbol of the hanseatic town of Greifswald and with a height of almost 100 metres its highest building. From its observation platform you have an impressive view over the town centre and can even see the isle of Ruegen.

The parish St Nicholas has almost one thousand parishioners and is a typical town town centre parish. Its area runs through the town like a towel: parish St Jacob on the one side, parish St Mary on the other. Sunday services in the Cathedral and the different events attract parishioners as well as numerous guests from the outside.

St Nicholas is a church with a long history, a lively present and a place of contemporary church music.

As early as in the thirteenth century, the building was started as a hall church and enlarged in the fourteenth century to become a basilica.

The foundation of the University of Greifswald took place in the Cathedral in 1456. Today, the university celebrates matriculation and other academic ceremonies and university services in St Nicholas.

In 1989, the Cathedral St Nicholas was a place where people gained strength and hope for the social and political change of society.